If you need support for testing BPEL processes, implementing a QA process for BPEL processes in your organization, make concepts etc., then there is both academic and commercial support available to you.

innoQ is a consulting firm specialized in questions regarding software architecture. This includes SOAs including but not limited to Web services and BPEL service orchestration. innoQ can commercially support you and your organization in all questions regarding BPELUnit.
Universidad de Cádiz
The group Software Process Improvement and Formal Methods (SPI&FM) at the University of Cádiz (UCA) uses BPELUnit for their research on WS-BPEL testing, as part of their open-source Takuan and GAmera tools. Takuan dynamically generates the invariants of a WS-BPEL composition, and GAmera performs mutation testing with the guidance of a genetic algorithm.